Tezmaral Arabians
Argyle, TX

Arabian/Half-Arabian Training & Showing
Adult & Youth Instruction
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What's your pleasure? We do it all at Tezmaral!

Lisa Skalski of Tezmaral Arabians has been breeding, raising, and training Arabians and Half-Arabians for over 30 years. Through this experience, she has come to understand the most effective approach in training this wonderful breed.  The intelligence of the Arabian horse allows her training methodology to be easily understood, giving the horse the confidence with that understanding.  Consistency of technique allows the animal to find his comfort zone and perform at his athletic best.

Lisa instructs her riders with the same purpose: Understanding your horse and your goals makes communication with your horse more reliable.  The bottom line is to enjoy your horse in whatever discipline you pursue with confidence.

A newcomer at Tezmaral will first be asked “What do you want to do with your horse?”  and a plan is formed.  Be it in the show ring, on the endurance trail, or just riding around the yard…we can help you define your pleasure at Tezmaral.

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